DAY 1 BLOG - Journey from Rouen (France) to La Rochelle (France)

Thursday 27th August

Each days driving is being recorded by a GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking device we have fitted to the Time Machine. The information recorded will be uploaded each day, and you will be able to view the journey, photos and comments made by us that day. Feel free to leave us a comment of your own. If you want to see it in 3D using Google Earth click here to download and install the plugin.


Just a few lines about the journey so far.. We left Rouen with all the others teams from the start line. The gathering was good 50+ cars in excellent disguises.. Some of the teams who had arrived the day before were unlucky enough to have there cars towed away!! so had a mad rush trying to get them back for the start line.We were released 10 cars at a time and we initally convoyed with Puppy power who got a bit lost at the start leaving Rouen.

We were soon on our way and we found ourselves crossing paths with various teams along the way. Apologies to team Ninjas who followed us the wrong way when our SAT NAV had a fit and made us take a wrong turn off the toll road and then back on again. We ended up going thru a toll road and I believe they got stuck behind us.

Lots of teams met up around Le Mans at a service station, to refuel car or stomach. The fuelling station cause everyone bumache as you had to go in and pay first..

Shortly after Le Mans, we made a slight boo boo on the way and took a slighty longer route down to La Rochelle. The SAT NAV refused to believe we were driving on roads for about 100 miles or so , so we just played on luck..

Little did the guys know but i had treated us all to the first night in a hotel.. instead of a campsite..

Finding our hotel was a bit of a stressful time by the time we were in La Rochelle, we were all tired but soon in the comfort of the towns "Comfort Hotel St Nicholas"..

Our evening ended with a meet up in town with all the other Sucata Run teams, a bite to eat and a drink. La Rochelle itself is a very nice old town and the two towers are pretty cool.

Time to sleep keep updated for tomorrows blog.


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Day 1 - Rouen to La Rochelle



Thanks for your interest


Jon, Lee & Matt.

Team BackToTheComputer.