DAY 2 BLOG - Journey from La Rochelle (France) to San Sebastien (Spain)

Friday 28th August


Each days driving is being recorded by a GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking device we have fitted to the Time Machine. The information recorded will be uploaded each day, and you will be able to view the journey, photos and comments made by us that day. Feel free to leave us a comment of your own. If you want to see it in 3D using Google Earth click here to download and install the plugin.


This morning we have woken in La Rochelle about 6am UK time... We are going to have some breakfast shortly.. Yesterdays loverly weather has vanished and its now pouring with rain. Maybe this is what La Rochelle is like being the port it is. Seems we all snore!! Probably me the loudest.. Kempy managed to play tunes.. and Matt's snoring is still in its early stages

Today should be a a journey of about 425 Km or 264 miles which ever you pick.. around 5 to 6 hours.. we should cross from france into spain.

We left la rochelle this morning about 9:30.. loverly morning.. sun is out... by chance as we turned on to the main roundabout to leave we joined up with Puppy Power and decided to convoy the whole journey to Spain. This worked out pretty well as our sat nav isbeing useless.. it always wants us to find the nearest road.. even thou we are on it... so following Puppy Power.. we had various breaks toio take it easy but the jounrey was pretty good. I drove from La Rochelle until we encountered a couple bridges so Matt took over. The car celebrated a birthday... by hitting 160,000 miles on it clock... check out the pics..

Once we got to Spain, it was Lee's turn to drive. About 10 mins into the journey the car started to produce a nocking sound... as the journey went on the noise appeared to get worse until we pulled over to inspect the problem.

Nothing obvious on view we continued on slowly.. until we found the campsite.. Igueldo... it was pouring with rain..!! So much for a hot spainish camp!

By about 6:30 we had put tents up and as i sit typing this in the car using the camp wifi..

We will keep you posted on tomorrow journey to see what happens with the car..


Jon / Lee / Matt

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Day 2 - La Rochelle to San Sebastien


Thanks for your interest


Jon, Lee & Matt.

Team BackToTheComputer.