DAY 3 BLOG - Journey from San Sebastien (Spain) to Salamanca (Spain)

Saturday 29th August


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BLOG: Im typing this in the reception of the local hotel from the camp site.. as the camp site it self doesnt have wifi access.. im getting strange looks :)

We woke up to a loverly SUNNY morning in San Sebastien, totally opposite to how we arrived in yesterdays pouring rain. We all started with a shower in the camp, which was really good and helped start the day. We needed to check the car out so borrowed the trolley jack from Team Teabags and moved the car onto hard ground to have a better look underneath. The car sparked lots of interest from the other campers and lots of photos were taken while we worked on it.

Having a look underneath we found the exhaust to be knocking.. but the noise we are experienceing is 100% something else.. lots was looked at, but there was nothing visual found.

Last night while we drank beers with all the other teams we had agreed to go in convoy of 4 to 5 cars for the trip across Spain. So in the morning we teamed up with, The Teabags, Sh*ggingwagon, and Puppy Power as we hit the road for the journey to commence.

Once we were out of the main street of San Sebastian, we set about climbing the mountain roads... the car didnt like this.. and our top speed was around 40mph.. at one point coming round the mountains roads, we had missed a car crash by seconds as a peugoet 206 had smashed into a lorry blocking the road.

The journey took us up and around the mountains a through lots of tunnels until the land leveled out. I was driving throughout today and struggled on with the car's knocking noise.

The car is really starting to take a pounding the spanish roads are really awful, we have been avoiding the toll roads and the lanes have been so bad we have had to drive in partial hard shoulders to avoid the large holes. The suspension is starting to take a pounding.. not sure how long that will last.

Car problems so far.... Constant knocking from front of car.,,.. o/s suspension is taking a hammering and has knocked the tracking out.. causing a biut of tyre wear on the front o/s tyre. We are going to swap wheels around tomorrow. But the car is running quite happily.. in france oil temp was aroiund 96/98 but in spain we have been seeing around 102/104

Anyway... im really tired for driving all day... ive uploading the gps information,, so see below..

If youre ready this please leave us some comments and its really helps us on our journey... see you all soon we hope.

Jon and Team



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Day 3 - San Sebastien to Salamanca


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Jon, Lee & Matt.

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