DAY 4 BLOG - Journey from to Salamanca (Spain) to Caboa Do Roca (Portugal)

Sunday 30th August


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Sorry we have been off the radar!! We were unable to get wifi access and the GPS tracker died on the last leg so were unable to update you all on our progress... so.. .. but WE MADE IT!!! WOO HOO! Our little car kept us going!

We woke up in Salamanca Spain on the campsite Regio and it was a pretty cool morning.. we packed up out tents and all the teams we had convoyed with also got ready so we could all leave together. We headed out on to main road from Spain to Portugal. Today our convoy included Puppy Power, Teabags, Sh*gginWagon and ourselves. Matt started the days driving.

As we headed in to Portgual the temperatures began to rise.. so much to the point it was reading 42'C outside... the car was beginning to strugggle in all the heat and the oil temperature began to rise to 108 / 110 which was not a good sign. The only way to keep the car running cooler was to turn on the heater inside so in the extreme heat we were already in we were cooking ourselves more to keep the car warm. This worked well and kept the oil temp around 104\106 so we continued on. The heat was extreme enough to make the GPS tracker stop tracking us, which was really annoying.. so the recorded data stops but thankfully we have the pictures to record the rest of the journey.

The scenery out of spain was stunning, its an amazing country.

Gradully our convoy got larger and larger as more teams joined us they included, Banger Senseless, Hitchhikers, Puppy Power, Teabags, Sh*gging Wagon, ... and we crossed paths with Panda to Portgual, Fuct Fiat, Kitt etc. as we crossed the border.

.. a few teams had been stopped at the border because they didnt have wing mirrors on there cars. Also as certain cars had died in previous towns, teams were sharing space to ensure everyone would make it to the finish line.

The roads were long and hot and felt like we were crossing a large desert but we could taste the end of the road .. and knew it wouldnt be long. As we came into Cascais, Portugal we could see the signs posted to Caba Da Roca leading into the headland.. now im not a favorite of heights but these roads were horrible, no sides and sheer drops off the side of the cliffs.. one team had a accident and manage to shunt a local off the road.

We arrived into Caba Da Roca's carpark to the sound of cheers from the Sucata organisers and other teams who had already made it there,. we got to the finish line around 5:30pm.

We then all continued down to our nights campsite for the big bbq and awards party finishing around 2am.

I have lots of video to add on here taken via the cars cameras and by hand cam and i will fill you in with more info as we did a video diary..

Enjoy the first lot of pics the rest will come in a day or so. Im currently uploading this by sea satellite as its the only internet access ive been able to get.

We are currently on our way back home, we have decided to do this in the car and aim to do it in under 24hrs with no stops. This means we should be back home in time,.. etc. Last night i slept on the bonnet of the car, while the guys slept inside the car.. we needed a small break so a couple of hours kip was of help.

See you all soon


& the team

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Day 4 - Salamanca to Cabo Da Roca Portgual


Day 4 - To the finish line in Cabo Da Roca


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Jon, Lee & Matt.

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