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We shall be participating in the Sucata Run in August 2009. The team currently consists of three people, Jon, Lee & Matt and our theme is "The Back to the Future" films. We all work in IT in Education hence the "computer" link! Our aim is to drive our time-machine (banger) from the north of France down to the western point of Portgual raising lots of money for charity along the way.

The Journey!

Day 0 (Getting to Rouen). - We will be leaving Romsey, Hampshire on Wednesday 26th of August, the ferry should get us to France in time for a brief drive into Rouen. We will be getting ready for the following days 10am start line.

Day 1 - Thursday 27th August. Rouen to La Rochelle (302 miles: 5-6hrs). At the start line early ready for us to flick the flux capacitor into action we will follow the convoy of Sucateers as we make our way through France. Setting off around 10.00am, we will be making our way down through France, through the sunflower strewn landscape of the Loire Valley, to the stunning port of La Rochelle where we will complete our first days driving on the coast.

Day 2 - Friday 28th August. La Rochelle to San Sebastian (264 miles: 5-6hrs). Hopefully the time machine will not have created a paradox in the space time continueum and we will be passing through the endless vineyards of the Dordogne and across the Pyrenees mountains into Spain. Arriving in time at San Sebastian to watch the sunset over the idyllic shell shaped Bahia de la Conchas.

Day 3 - Saturday 29th August. San Sebastian to Salamanca (283 miles: 5-6hrs). Hoping we pick up enough trash for Mr Fusion to provide us with a steady output leading right into the heart of Spain we will go from coastal breeze to harsh desert landscapes as your the time machine switches into flux dispersal and our engine's cooling system is put to the test. We will arrive in the oasis that is Salamanca - one of the oldest university cities in Spain. It is not only beautiful to look at but also has a brilliant nightlife too.

Day 4 - Sunday 30th August. Salamanca to Cabo da Roca (310 miles: 5-6hrs). The final day's driving will take us over the Spanish border and into Portugal. We will glide through sleepy ancient stone villages, proud historic cities and beautiful coastal resorts before rocking up at the finishing line at the stunning Cabo Da Roca. The weekend's adventures then conclude with a huge party and prize giving ceremony where a toast is raised to all those unfortunate souls that didn't quite make it!

Check out our Time-Machine page for in depth information on the car we will be driving and some of the goodies it will have installed.

Each day we will be uploading pictures and writing a online blog of what we get up to, assuming the flux capacitor (gps) is working well. So dont forget to click on the Travel Blog section at the top, as the rally hasnt started dont expect anything there until 26th of August. Dont forget to view our videos as we upload them to YouTube.com

The Sucata run is a rally run by a charity called Gemin-i.org in which teams travel across Europe to raise money for the charity. We have maximum of £250 to buy a suitable car for the trip and then have four days to complete the journey.

As long as the car keeps going, so will we but we need your support so this is where you come in. We want to raise a minimum of £2000 for the charity so to see how we are doing click on Sponsor at the top.

Enjoy the website , you can check out the Sucata run and Gemin-i.org's websites and you can also sponsor us through the link to our totally secure Just Giving page which you can find in the Sponsor pages on our site.

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Jon, Lee & Matt.

Team BackToTheComputer.

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