Diary of Progress

21st December 2008
Purchase Car
24th December 2008
Backtothecomputer.com purchased
5th January 2009
New grill & indicator & waterbottle
15th January 2009
New tyre
18th January 2009
Made Mr Fusion
31st January 2009
Started making time circuits
2nd February 2009
Car passes MOT
4th February 2009
Car steering & tracking adjusted
9th February 2009
88 Mph, Speedo made and tested
10th February 2009
OurYouTube page is created
11th February 2009
OUTATIME number place arrived
14th February 2009
Car Insured
19th February 2009
New Oil Temperature Sensor fitted.
21st February 2009
DMC Front Grill Badge made & fitted
28th February 2009
Replace faulty dash bulbs with blue leds
1st March 2009
Starting making flux bands around bumpers
15th March 2009
Our YouTube page gets its 1st video
19th March 2009
Time Circuits template made
22nd March 2009
Our YouTube page gets its 2nd video
6th April 2009
I break my hand.. delays!! argh!
18th April 2009
Time circuit displays nearly complete
21st April 2009
Flux Vents first cut, test fit.
26th April 2009
Front Flux Bands completed
1st May 2009
Rear Exhaust Vents designed and cut
18th May 2009
Rear Exhaust Vents assembled
21st May 2009
Time Circuits Frame Work made
27th May 2009
Frame cover in chrome fablon..
28th May 2009
Start spraying car.
30th May 2009
Finish spraying car.
23rd June 2009
Create Flux Capacitor
5th July 2009
Fit the flux capacitor
21st July 2009
Mount Mr Fusion to Car
27th July 2009
Fit glow units into rear vents
28th July 2009
Fit strobes into rear vents
28th June 2009
Fit front & rear cameras
30th June 2009
Test Rear Effects at night.
3rd July 2009
Fit CAT5 cables around sides of car
5th July 2009
Apply first set of side stickers
13th July 2009
Install GPS tracker into car and test
27th July 2009
Apply sets of window stickers
27th July 2009
Take car on test drive to Cornwall 250miles
2nd August 2009
Return home from successful test drive
2nd August 2009
Jet washing car, upsets paint work.
9th August 2009
Spray black lines on side of car
24th August 2009
We make the local papers